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Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Micah!!

It's here! I can't believe it. I'm getting emotional just typing these words. I cannot believe how fast things seem to be moving. It's truly a bittersweet thing. I want to see my boys grow up and learn new things and they are definitely at a stage where they are learning new things every day. But at the same time...I wish it would slow down...even pause. These guys are going to live long, wonderful lives...and sometimes it hurts a little to know that I only get to have them for 18 years. The more the days pass, I understand my own mom more and more.

When we first learned about Micah, I was a little nervous. I was not expecting to have another baby so soon. Jonas was only 10.5 months old...that makes them 18.5 months apart. But once I started to feel him move inside my womb...I fell in love and there was not a doubt in my mind that he was special. I never doubted from the beginning...I trust and know that the Lord's will and his ways are perfect (but that did not mean that I was a little nervous in the beginning).

When I was about 7 months pregnant, Micah was prophesied over by a man that had come to our church to actually speak over Ryan and I. But, his words for Micah was that "there is something special about this baby, something unique. He is going to do great things." I knew that from the beginning...but to have a total stranger tell me these things, in front of the body of believers....well, let's just say...Ryan and I are watching and waiting!

Micah...I love you so much! I can't believe your ours. You are so special. From your infectious laugh, to the way you cling to me, from your quiet curious ways, to your loud squawks at dinner time...I love everything about you! I wrote a blog when you were about 4 months old about all of the things I love about you. They are even more numerous now, because I fall more in love with you each day. I want you to always know that you are such a treasure to your dad and me....you make our family complete. "Every good and perfect gift comes from up above." This is you.

Micah clapping for the first time...saying bring on the cake!

This is the picture of success

Micah letting Jonas and Ethan know that this is HIS toy!

This is what presents time looked like. Me opening the gift, while Micah kept sneaking away. He just wanted to go play!!

Yay!! More clapping!

I love the way he looks at Jonas. There is not a doubt in our mind how much he loves and adores his big brother.

Showing Nana B what a big boy he is by sitting in his new chair!

One of my favorites! My sweet little Pumpkin. Precious.

1 Day to Go!!!!!!!!!!

CAKE!!! Need I say more?? Ok, I will....just a little! Micah is our little pumpkin, so I wanted him to have a pumpkin shaped cake. It was a little tricky, but I think it came out pretty good.

We all gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" and he was not too sure about what was going on. There was a moment that we were a little afraid he might start crying....but, he didn't!

I put his cake in front of him and I guess, since it was so large...he was a little concerned. But, I gave him a taste of the icing from my finger....and that was all he needed.

Overall...it was a huge success...it was a smash!!

Micah looking at Ryan and I....thinking...what's going on here?!

Slowly investigating the cake

Yes....this is kinda good!!!

I love it!!! (He actually squawked at us when we finally took it away:)

Topping it off with a nice glass of whole milk...ahhhhh!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Days to Go...

More shots from the party!! Micah had so much fun playing with everyone. It helps that he has a big brother...because he really thinks that everyone is around just for playtime with him!

Micah and daddy playing catch

Me and my little Micah-boo

Playing with his friends

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little something extra

We all know that Micah likes to eat! This is a video of him snatching up his food...literally!

The Food Snatcher

3 Days to Go...

Yesterday was our Micah-boo's 1st Birthday Party!! We had a wonderful time! I made a pumpkin shaped cake for him to tear into, we ate pizza and the kids painted little pumpkins. When it was time for Micah to open his gifts...he was more interested in running (crawling and cruising) around and playing with everyone. Altogether, though...it was an amazing party. Things went a smooth as possible!! I'll share a few pics each day until we reach Micah's Day!!

Micah trying to feed daddy some of his pizza

Are you looking at me?

Hey!!! Look at me!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

4 Days to Go...

Sorry about yesterday's post. I've been up way too late the last 3 days, preparing for a birthday party!! Even though I'm way exhausted...it's ok...Micah is totally worth it! Tonight is the night and we are going to have so much fun!!! I can't wait to post pictures the next few days of all of our fun!!

Here are some more of my favorite pictures of Micah-boo. They reflect both sides of his personality!

Goofy boy

Serious boy...watching another goofy boy (their first day at school)

5 Days to Go...

Ok...I know I've already written a blog about these pictures...but, I just loves these pictures and what, eh....I should say...who....they capture!

Quick recap for those that missed it...We looked for two days for Ryan's sunglasses and could not find them anywhere. One morning, little Micah come crawling out of the ball pit with them. He had hid them in there!! I don't know why we did not look there in beginning, because I had recently found other, random objects there as well. This is where he stashes his stolen goods!!

The little thief emerges

He thought it was so funny, too.

Trying to get away with the stolen item!


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