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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Zoo

Checking out the tiger

Click here for more zoo pics: The Zoo!!
Well, our first trip to the zoo, was literally that...a zoo!! I was so excited to finally take Jonas to the zoo and was almost completely crushed when we got there. Here's the quick version:

It's spring break...Ryan's off from school (so is everyone else)
It's Wednesday (half-price addmission day...did I mention it's also Spring Break)
20 minute drive to the zoo exit (not bad)...followed by 30 minute wait in line of cars also exitting (yeah, that's bad...the zoo is only 3 minutes from the exit)
Finally park...in Neverland
News helicopters circling above zoo getting shots for 5 o'clock news (uh-huh...turns out its the busiest day of the whole year for the zoo)
Long walk to the gate
Even longer line to get in the gate
Quick decision to buy year-long pass into zoo for me and Ryan (boys are free...probably the best credit card purchase ever)
Walk right into zoo...and a million other people
See flamingos
Eat lunch
See Texas Wild Exhibit
Jonas passes out
Walk around for 20 minutes to find hidden bathrooms w/o over 50 people (yes, women) in line
Walk around another 20 minutes to find quiet place to feed Micah
Jonas wakes up
See Africa exhibit
Go home

It was a crazy day, but both boys were awesome. Micah did not fuss at all and Jonas was just a little moody from a short nap...in a stroller. We saw some crazy things, which always makes for an even more interesting day. All in all, it was a fun time. We are so excited to go back as many times as we want....and never again on a Wednesday!!!

My sweet, happy Micah

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Micah is 6 Months Old!

Here is a link to view more pictures of the past few weeks! Click here for Pictures!

Well folks, I cannot believe that it's been half a year since our sweet little Micah-boy has entered the world. Look at that face....what a cutie! A lot has happened since last month. Jonas turned 2 and Micah did as well as you could expect w/ a household of people all at once. He did get to spend some precious time w/ some of his grandparents. Then, right before turning 6 months old, we home to Ma-ma and Pa-pa's for Easter. He got to spend a whole afternoon w/ Ma-ma while Ryan and I took Jonas to the park w/ his aunt, uncle and cousins. But, the biggest ordeal has been the spitting up. Let's go back to when Micah was born. As you recall, Micah has had a little trouble with keeping his food down since he was born. I thought that since I was nursing him that he should not have that problem...it's not a normal thing for breastfed babies. Then, I thought, it must be something I'm eating to cause him to spit up so much. But, the doctor said he just had an immature esophageal sphincter muscle and as long as he is putting on weight steadily, then he was okay. So jump ahead 5 months. The doctor finally put Micah on some medication to help w/ the spitting up since his weight is not going up as much as it was in the beginning. He also said to start him on cereal. So, we did both.

Well, what drama. Things seemed to be going well. We still had days where he would spit up a bit, but the medicine and the cereal seemed to be helping. Well, about 3 weeks into it all, Micah breaks out in hives all over his body. The doctor seemed to think it was the medicine, rather than the cereal. He told me to watch them and then if they go away then we were going to have to figure out which one it was that was causing the hives. So, I decided to first start by eliminating the cereal. WRONG MOVE! He was so hungry, all day. At the point he had been eating cereal two times a day and nursing 5 times a day. I ended up nursing him 8 or 9 times that day (too tired and lost count) and only got 4 hours of sleep that night. It was like having a newborn, again. So, the next morning it was a Saturday and I called to talk to a nurse. Basically, I was calling to get the doctor's blessing to stop the medicine and continue w/ the food....because the boy needed to eat! They said yes, but to discontinue the medicine altogether, so we could make sure it was either the medicine or the food. After almost a week, the hives were gone. So, our doctor believed it was the medicine and he put him on a new medicine, which he has been on for almost week now. I'm hoping that this one will do the trick. However, I'm hoping that his little body will be made whole, where it is having trouble and he will no longer have to have the pain of spitting up anymore.

Now, our littlest one is 6 months old! On Monday, we celebrated by giving our little love some delicious sweet potatoes. Yummm! He ate them all. Afterwards, Ryan, Jonas and I had some cake while Micah was sitting in his chair, watching us. He tried to grab mine and got so mad and upset that he could not have any. It was so cute...and, yet I felt so bad for the little guy. He's definitely progressing in the food category much fast than Jonas. I guess having a big brother to watch is helpful.

So, we'll see what the next will bring. Until then!!! Blessings!

Weight--14lb. 2oz (we're working on it)
Length--26 inches
Teeth--one about to break through the gum line (maybe...you know how those teeth can be)
Sitting up--still a little wobbly, but getting better each day
Crawling--not yet. But, today I put him on the floor next to me while I sent an email. I looked back down not 1 minute later and he had done a complete 180...totally surprised me
Favorite person---Me (ok...only when he hungry) and Jonas (no one can make him laugh like him)
Wake up call--7-7:30 am
Naps--2. One good one in the morning for about an hour. Then, if I'm lucky, he'll take another 30-45 minute one in the afternoon
Bedtime--7:30 pm
Favorite toys--a little cloth book, little parrot, Winnie the pooh and Eeyore rattles. He basically loves toys that make noise...the book and parrot have that crinkly paper inside....oh, that reminds me...if he can get his hands on a bag of chips, he won't let go. He thinks that is the best...and he gets so mad at me when I take it away!
Sounds--still does "The Micah" squawk when he's happy. He also loves to blow spit bubbles and say "ah-goo." I love it when he talks.
Foods eaten--sweet potatoes, sweet peas, and apples. Tomorrow, he will get to try pears.


Born 03.20.08 7lb 7oz 21 1/4 in