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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Micah in 3D/4D

Last Saturday we went and had our 3D/4D ultrasound of Micah. I was 30.5 weeks at the time. We went back to the same place where we had Jonas' ultrasound done. It is amazing the technology that we have today!

At first our little man did not want to be seen. He kept putting his hands...and feet in his face. After a few minutes, though, he warmed up to the camera.

It was so amazing to see him. He was a live one! He was going to town on his thumb, playing with his hands and feet, stretching his legs out, opening his eyes, moving his eyebrows up and down, and rolling around.

We had an awesome time seeing our newest little baby! We had a fun time trying to find the similarities that he and Jonas might share. They definitely have some similar characteristics, but at the same time we can see how they will be different. As the should be! They are both unique creations!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Micah, the Thinker

Working on the thumb

What a yummy thumb!

I wonder if he'll take a pacifier or prefer his thumb?

This is the reason why I jump in sudden pain sometimes...they are fully extended!

More kicking

It looks like a yawn, but I think he's just trying to get his thumb back in!

So sweet!

See the similarities?

See the differences?

9 more weeks to go!!! We're getting very excited to see and hold you, Micah!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Schlitterbahn Fun

We had a great time at Schlitterbahn this year. Each year, Ryan's family plans a trip there and we are blessed to go and stay in the park and enjoy the rides. This was Jonas' second time to go, but his first time to actually enjoy some of the activities. He's still too young and small to do any rides, but he and his cousin, Rory had a great time in all of the kiddie parks. He especially loved going down some of the little water slides. He went down one slide in particular about 20 times in a row....not kidding. He really liked climing up the steps, rolling over onto his belly, then counting to 3 before he would slide down. Then, he'd jump up to go again.

He also learned, up close and personal, what a train is. To say that the trains pass by our rooms...is a mild understatement. They are practically on top of our rooms as they "pass by." The first time one went by, it kinda scared him, however, we started to take him down to the end of the rooms so that he could see them and wave. He would say "choo choo" everytime one would come and go...and in between them, too.

We had a great time with the family...hanging out, eating deliciously cooked meals, celebrating birthdays, playing in the park, and of course a little shopping. What a way to spend the summer!

Happy Birthday, Kallie Lynn

Jonas gets a hug and a kiss from great-papa

Swimming with daddy

Good morning, boys

Ryan reads to Jonas and Rory

Aunt Reanna and Uncle Ryan came to visit!!

Two kids in one swing....

...yeah, they did not like it for very long.

Jonas and Ma-ma

Jonas and Ma-ma wave to the train

We stopped to see Mimi and Popi in San Marcos...and got a cool hat


Born 03.20.08 7lb 7oz 21 1/4 in