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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6 month mark

Well, today is July 14. Micah is due October 14...just three months away. I can't believe that we're already to this point. It certainly does go fast the second time around. I wonder if it will be that way the third time...ha!

Last night, I came into our newly developed office (the front living room) with the realization that we have 3 more months to go...and a lot to do, still. Micah's room...our old office...is still in shambles. But, I know how Ryan and I work...we are procrastinators to the core...but we always pull it off (okay, almost always). Jonas' room was officially ready just hours before his arrival. Ryan finished hanging up the finishing touches as my contractions were beginning...and we did not even plan that one out.

So, here I am...6 months pregnant (again). Those of you that have been down this road know what I'm feeling. Things are getting uncomfortable, but that's nothing compared to what you feel that last month. At least I can still bend over or shave my legs. I can still see my feet and they're not swollen, yet. I can still walk without waddling. However, other things are starting to kick in, though. Even though I can bend over, that does not mean when I get back up...the heartburn is quick to follow. My back is starting to hurt at the end of the day due to the extra 20 pounds that are sticking out in front of me. Yesterday, my hips were hurting...those ligaments stretching. Oh yes, the third trimester is so much fun! Of course, as soon as that little one arrives...who cares!

Anyway...here are few pictures that we took this evening to mark the final countdown. Of course, I had to be upstaged by big brother. I'll try to get more pictures on here as I (we) continue to grow and get bigger!

6 months (27 weeks)

Someone else wants to be in the picture

Yes, my tummy is a great resting place


Can't wait to have both in my arms

4th of July

We tried our luck at another baseball game and this time it paid off. We went to a Fort Worth Cat's game with our homegroup. We sat on the grassy mound behind left field...far away...but had a blast. Although the sun was in our faces for the first half of the game....it really was not that bad. There was a nice breeze and the kids kept spraying everyone with their water bottles. Jonas had so much fun dancing whenever the music came on and playing with all of the older kids. After the game, they did a fireworks show...it was the day before the 4th of July. Jonas just watched for the first few minutes, but after we assured hime that they were ok, he seemed to be getting into it. He was standing up and dancing and clapping at the end of the show.

The next day, to celebrate the 4th, we got together with some friends for dinner. However, our poor little man got sick. A sudden high fever put an end to his festivities. However, by the next day he was back to normal...thank you, Lord!!

All in all it was a great weekend. We enjoyed our time together as a family and with our friends. We have much to be thankful for!

Passed out before the game even started

Playing with the girls

Family pic

Double patty with cheese, fries and a coke....but they're really Ryan's...I'm just posing

Say "cheese"

Now, wave

Fireworks have started

Watching the show



He got to have his cupcake a few days later when he was feeling better

Spaghetti night

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Morning Song and Dance Routine

When we wake up early enough (I know...that sounds pathetic), we watch Sesame Street. Jonas loves to dance and wave at his Sesame Street friends. The kids on the show, Big Bird, and Elmo wave during the opening credits and I love that Jonas waves right back...as if they really see him. Sorry it's a little dark...I forgot to turn lights on for the camera. Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great time going home for Father's Day. First of all (endorsement time), we used some of our garage sale money to buy Jonas a portable DVD player! Quite possibly some of the best money we've ever spent. He watched "Cars" and "Veggie Tales" all the way there and back. He only fussed the last 20 minutes of the trip because he was so tired. Awesome!!!

We stayed at Ryan's parents house and had a wonderful time. Jonas went swimming both days...and loved it! He just sat in his little floatie...watching everyone else swim by. He even went down the slide with his dad.

Of course, we can never go to Mama and Papa's house without eating too much. And, why wouldn't we...Kim is a gourmet chef. On Saturday night she made the best tasting lamb I've ever had. We were all so stuffed. For Father's Day...she made her famous lasagna. Yes, I told my doctor that it was her fault that I gained so much weight this time! :)

We loved going home and being with our family. It really does make it hard to leave. We love you all so much!

Blue Steel

Playing in the cave

Water dunk

The beached whale

Soaking it up with Mama

Nap time with Papa

Feeding the ducks

The largest snail I've ever seen

What a good boy

Aunt Dana and I compare baby bumps

4 generations

Playing ball with Mama

Getting sweets from Mimi

Getting more sweets from Popi

Reading time with Aunt Dawn


...taking Daddy down!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Potato Soup Boy

Jonas had quite a good time eating (or rather playing) with his potato soup!


Born 03.20.08 7lb 7oz 21 1/4 in